My name is Anne and I am newly diagnosed with CIDP (about 8 days now). I have an appointment to see a neurologist the 14th of January. Have been doing a lot of research on line and stumbled across this support group. What a relief to learn that my life as I have known it is not over. There is treatment and survivors!! Thank you in advance.

Hi Anne. I have had CIDP for 38 years so if I can answer any of your questions I would be glad to help in anyway I can. Dale

Thank you for that Dale. I am still trying to grasp the concepts of this disease and how to deal with the pain as well as continue to get up, do my daily activities and work. Many nights I end up coming home to just sit in the bed. It is so wonderful to find a place where individuals understand what I am going through!

I understand Anne exactly what you are talking about. Much of my feeling is dull now so don’t really have any pain to speak of. A few items to keep in mind…get plenty of rest. Doesn’t matter what else is planned as you will need it. I have 3 kids ranging from 8 to 14 with a child in the middle with downs. 2nd thing is try to keep as active life style as you can without over doing it. It will be a balancing act but you will figure it out. 3rd not sure about your diet but stay away from as much sugar as you can otherwise physically it will take a toll on you. All of these are issues I found out the hard way and want to cut the learn curve down for you. You will be fine and I am sure everyone on this web site will help you out. You can ask anything and will try to help you. Dale

Oh wow Dale! I have 2 beagle dogs ages 6 & 8, but they are enough especially when I was walking them 3 times a day with a maximum of 10 city blocks usually each time. I am now down to 4 city blocks only 1 time a day if they are lucky.
I have learned the staying active but to not over do it. I must not be ashamed to use the electric cart... at Wal-mart. I didn't on Saturday and finally today I feel better; the storm we had move through did not help either. I will also continue the decrease in sugar. I finally have my diabetes controlled with the possibility of stopping the med so have to be careful of the sugars in that regards anyway. Thank you very much for the curve. I appreciate it. Anne