High BP - skipping an infusion day

Today is day 5 of my first ever IVIG infusions. My BP had been a little high the previous 4 days. But today when the nurse arrived it was 160/104. Since that is pretty high for my age (39) the nurse wants to skip today and move it to tomorrow. And I should rest and continue to hydrate.

In anyone's past experience - does a short break matter at all? What I mean is, is getting infusions in 5 out of 6 days any different than 5 days in a row as far as efficacy?

On a positive note, after day 1 I was feeling some cold sensations in areas of my hands and feet that I hadn't felt in a while. And after days 2 or 3 my legs have felt much stronger.

Based on what I've read on this forum my symptoms are pretty mild by comparison. So maybe that's why I'm seeing improvement so quickly.

I've got a way to go. But I'm hopeful I'll get there steadily.

Yes IVIG can raise your blood pressure. They monitor mine every 30 minutes. Mine has gone that high. I have them slow the infusion rate down. I get 2 treatments every 4 weeks. I space them out Monday and Friday as it’s hard on my body. Spacing them out shouldn’t be a problem. Good luck

When that happened to me, my doctor prescribed me a mild diuretic (pill that makes you pee) called spironolactone and told me to drink extra fluids. I'm not sure how much you weigh, but for example, if a person weighs 160#, you would want to divide the 160/2=80 so a 160# person would need 80 oz of fluids on a daily basis to stay properly hydrated. Let me add...DONT DRINK ALL THAT AT ONCE...because drinking too many fluids too quickly can actually cause the brain to swell and cause brain damage or even DEATH. As with anything, moderation is the key. I know it may seem counterintuitive to force fluids and then take a diuretic to get rid of the fluids, but ridding the body of the extra fluids will help carry out the protein from the IVIG which is very sticky stuff and in turn, will lower your BP. As always, before trying anything new, ask your doctor!

Thanks everyone. I had the 5th infusion yesterday. My BP was much lower and I had no side effects.