High Fever

Has anyone experienced high fever associated with GBS. My son is 4 weeks into GBS diagnosis and has been running fever from 3rd day in. It has ranged anywhere from 99 to 105.2. They have run so many tests to locate the source of the fever including a white cell tag and it showed no infection anywhere in his body. We are at a loss as to why he has this temp.

This happened to my husband once too, they called the infectious disease doc and they did so many tests too, but no infection. They gave him Vencomyasen (sp) an antibiotic just to be safe, but never found out where it came from, eventually it worked itself out. This was during the time that he had the fan on him 24-7. Sorry I can't be of more help other than my husband had the same thing. I hope that it works itself out soon, or they find the source.

Thank you for your reply. They have him on cooling blankets, fan and just yesterday they put him on Vencomycin. It sounds like they must be doing the right thing. Infections disease people came on about 12 days ago and they find nothing. I feel so much better just knowing someone else has been through the same symptoms as my son (not that I would wish this on anyone though), I do realize every case is different. I thought maybe there were more than one thing going on with him.

I had a really high fever. My wife has pics where they had me in cooling blankets and a cooling helmet.

Thank you Mark. I hope you are doing much better now and pray that you continue to improve until you are back at 100%.

I suspect that since your immune system is attacking your nerves they have to suppress the immune system leading to possible infection. I was unconscious at the time but my wife said in addition to IV fentanyl for the pain I was also on IV antibiotics. But remember, not only am I not a doctor I don’t even play one on TV.