Hi every1 I’m Alison from the uk. And have cmt1 was diagnosed at an early age. My 2 children also have it. I also have bouts of depression not completely down to cmt. Although I have deteriorated significantly the past year and a half. And feel stuck in a rut with all of it. My mum suggested I join this group as she did and said it was very helpful. I’ve managed through my life with this condition and I suppose the sad thing for me is watching my kids go through it also. All be it there’s hope everyone is affected in different ways. And not as badly affected as others. Anyway just wanted to say hi and any advice would be appreciated thanks:))

Welcome Alison, being your Mum,I see your struggles. Although, I’m sure there are many others who live with CMT, understand and can relate to your experiences of living with CMT. They’ll have their own experiences to share. All I can say, is whatever we are dealt with in life, it’s about what we can do for ourselves and that mainly comes down to our own attitude and accepting ourselves for who we are.:)x

Hi Alison!

I’m glad you joined! I’m just a helping hand here, learning so much from all of you about CMT. My genetic inheritance is different, but unwelcome as well.

Your mom’s advice rings true for all of us, and hopefully we will begin to see genetic disease be better treated and less prevalent in our lifetime.

Sending my best to you and your family.