Hot tubs for Pain Relief

I contracted GBS in July of 2012 and unfortunately I was not diagnosed until a month later. My left arm and legs were hit hard. While I was taking Gabapentin it didn't do much for the severe pain, but the hot tub became my best friend.

I would go to our local pool as soon as I was able to walk with a walker, and spent a couple of hours every day soaking in the tub. Not only did the pain dramatically diminish, I could also exercise my arm which I couldn't move on land.

Hope this helps someone.

I have also found floating in a cool swimming pool can relieve the pain

I also experienced GB in 2012 and looked forward to soaking in a hot tub to relieve pain and just 'feel good'. Unfortunately, when I sat in the tub in about chest deep water, I was not able to inhale! The GB had paralyzed my diaphragm and it was not strong enough to overcome the hydrostatic pressure of the water. What a disappointment! My condition has improved over the past 9 months and I can sit in the tub for a few minutes with labored breathing.


I have been swimming for over a year and I think it has helped but I am not able to tolerate the hot tub.I wish I could. The change in temperature does me in. I would sweat for an hour after I got out.

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