How am I? I been in & out of ER's lately for TIA's

I think it might be Neuropathy cause, but not sure yet if that is the real cause of my problems with my health?

I am waiting for my all important apt this Feb. I guess I am expecting all too much at the first visit...and should know better. So with that said I am letting go and hoping for a good visit with the doctor and hope I get something done as in sch. tests so I might find out answers in near few months ahead.

I have move to have a zip code that lead me to get better health insurance I hope and to be able to see specialists now. I hope.

I am excited about the future.

I did have a small stoke and now having small tia's and need to find a neuro doctor for them. Since moving and the change of insurance I have to now get a new doctor. When it rain it pours, but it is a small sacuface for something I needed. Although I like my neuro brain doctor...I will find a new one soon. I just need a new referral now.

I have to see new doctors for a lot of my other illnesses and a few of my old doctors. It is like going back to school in a funny way.

For my first time I am back on the road to going to doctors once again. all because I live where I couldn't see doctors. How strange it has been living in the wrong zip code and now I live in the correct zip code. I hope it stays that way.

for me this is a good thing for the new year.

I hope all your new years wishes come true....and I do wish you whatever you been wanting come true.

Happy New Year and a better one at that I hope for us all! God Bless US ALL

Us all!

That statement seems so many miles ago…I been doing about the same thing…hardly any help! I applied and was call last week about they Mayo Clinic got my records and approve me to be seen…don’t hold your breath, it’s in another time ped. Hey I got this far what is a few months in the future? right.
I don’t put all my cookies in a box any more…I keep open mind now a days. As for med’s nothing but a little pain med. It might be lucky when you read what everyone here goes thru.
Well it has been a while…but I do come in and out but writing something when nothing is happening seem little.