How do you spend a sleepless night?

This always seems to be on the top ten list of problems for people with chronic illness, so please share how you spend this time? Do you read, watch TV, pace, do crossword puzzles, visit Ben's Friends?

Medical Cannabis will solve that problem right away. Make sure you get a pure indica or a hybrid which is indica heavy.

No sense in wasting the following day because you could not sleep.


I didn't sleep until after 3 am this morning. Nothing new. I usually watch TV, Facebook or toss and turn and watch the clock, sigh and get frustrated because I know I will have to sleep in which throws off my day. The domino affect.

Hi Eric,

I definitely have some concerns about the medical cannabis, and perhaps you could be of help. Because of my bad back I only ride in the car or drive when I have to or when I am having an exceptionally good day, but I worry that if I am pulled over or God forbid, in another car accident, even if I hadn't smoked it/ingested it before driving, it would stay on my bloodstream, and be cause for a DUI type of charge. As I understand it, any type of cannabis would be this way, correct?

I'm also leery of using it, and having it around my grand kids. It's difficult to dissuade them to use drugs it they smell pot in your home or on you?

Any thoughts?

I hear you bg, I prowl the house til all hours of the night and morning!

I very rarely have a sleepless night because I take amitriptyline. My usual dose is very small: I have one 10mg & one 25mg.

Taken in doses of around 150mg, it is an anti-depressant. It is also used for bed-wetting in children and nerve pain. It also gives me a good nights sleep something that is essential for my symptoms.

Thanks PCM, this is something I want to ask my GP about for sure!