How does Methylprednisolone work for those suffering from CIPD ? Non opiate non addictive pain relief please

I am a new member living in New Zealand with newly diagnosed CIPD. I am very new and very green! I have no idea exactly how long I have had this condition as for many months thought I needed a left hip replacement.Now recent X-rays say I don’t, so I now presume CIPD was the problem. At the beginning of December 2015 I was admitted to hospital with a small stroke(confirmed by MRI).It is since this that all the other symptoms have come out and deterioration has taken place with mobility , use of hands etc.I am being treated with Methylprednisolone,initially 500mgs daily for 5 days and now 500mgs in one dose every Monday for 6 wks.As it tapers down, the last 12 hrs are hell and I turn almost into a murderess,until getting the next dose for the wk, the next day.I would like to hear from any others with experience of this treatment also from those that know of non opiate, non addictive pain relief that is effective for neurological pain relief?

I tried this therapy, but saw very little relief and what relief I saw disappeared within a few days. My Dr. just stopped future cycles and are now looking for something different to try. Best Wishes on managing your symptoms.

I have had this treatment did not work also had ivig and others the only pain relief I have is zomorph 60 me in the morning and 30mg in the evening also oramorph as and when 70mg of prednisone every day if takes the edge off to manage the day

Hi there, EW

The question of pain relief that is non-addictive and doesn't have undesirable side effects is one that a lot of people with chronic conditions struggle with. It's early days for you, and it looks like you are finding out about the "joys" of steroids. They turn me into a screaming harraden. Is that better or worse than a murderess? This really needs a thorough conversation with your GP or your neurologist: there are other, safer ways of dealing with pain than hiding the knives when you are on steroids.

There is a search feature on this site, way up at the top right. When I did some searches for pain relief, I saw mentions of gabapentin, meditation, anti-depressants, TENS -- all safer for long term use than steroids and opioid pain relievers.

I will feature this discussion to give it a bit more exposure and, hopefully, you will get a few more helpful responses.