How is

Hi everyone

I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing with the weather changes? The worst part for me is the wind and trying to keep it off my face and head. The temp is still running in the 60's around here in the daytime so that is not too bad.

Anyway I was just wanting to check in on everyone and see how you are and say hello. We are going to Buffalo, NY on Sunday. I know it will be cold and windy there but I miss home so it is time to go.


Hi Jeritta,

The weather change is surely noticeable to me! I've never been to Buffalo, but have had a 'beef on weck' and they are fabulous!

Hope it's a good trip for you! Get out and go as long as you possibly can!

Wishing you well,



Good to hear from you and hope you have a safe trip. I'm having cold legs and feet as no circulation in fall and winter; Massage stimulation helps a little though. I use rice socks warmed in microwave to help keep me comfy.


Ahhh cold feet and legs. The bane of my existence! I always have these and as we get further into winter, the cold hands follow. I've never tried rice socks but I do have a rice bag to heat my feet and sometimes I'll take a hot foot bath before bed. For my hands, I've prepared myself with a battery operated hand warmer this year - we'll see how effective it is.

All these cold parts... ...but let me remind you, I live in Northern California! I can't imagine what life might be like in Buffalo!! Although I did live in Colorado for much of my life and we certainly had some cold winters there.

Northern California is beautiful, but it can get pretty damp and chilly there!

I have Raynuad's Phenomenon,'s_phenomenon

so I am always struggling to stay warm in winter! I'm in MD, and though it is not as bad as Buffalo, it surely gets cold and gets snow! We lost over a dozen trees and bushes due to the hard winter last year, and are predicted one even more brutal this winter!

One thing that helps me is that I throw my clothes in the dryer for a few minutes before putting them on, to take out any dampness, and I do the same with my blankets at night!

l live in the south and still have had a terrible time with temperature changes. Not sure how l will do this year. Changing a lot of my meds, so we shall see. Not looking forward to what the weather may bring to us this year though.


Tube socks are easy to transform into a rice bag that molds and shapes to your back, arms, legs, around neck for soreness and pain I sleep with mine between my legs and that helps maintain heat while sleeping. Wrap it around a knee that is achy and sore. All my kids and grand kids have then since I made my first one, they all wanted them Even fixed a small one for my little house dog as a pup, and she never whined or cried at night like most puppies that age. She always went and looked up at the microwave at 10 p.m. to get me to warm her sock to go to bed; LOL; So, this is a gift to friends etc. I pick out socks that are decorative and fitting to the person I'm gifting them to and fill with rice and secure end with rubber band or drawstring then sew end. I slip the other sock over it for doubled thickness and the outer sock can be pulled off and washed so the inner one doesn't get soiled from use. Even my hubby and dad wanted them. I made them for my Daddy while he was in hospital and he loved them. He is passed on now but fond memories of him, though never diagnosed with CMT, he did show symptoms later in his life and I'm certain his mother had it and this is the CMT1X that I've inherited. Its passed from mother's to both male and female but from father to their female offspring.

Use 1 1/2 2 # bag rice a pair of adult tube socks; you can add aromatherapy oils to rice after filling for nice smell too. I usually start out heating 1min 50 seconds but adjust to whats needed according to your taste, need and microwave.

hope you all find things to keep you cozy and comfy through the winter. ~~CM

Hi it has been in the 60s in northern Minnesota. But by the end of next week it should be cold and wet. Winter is very hard for me. As I am sure it is for many of us.

I am looking forward to my trip to Buffalo because I get to see my "foster" family and I don't see them often. I am so lucky that I have a husband who is willing to take me to visit especially after what I went through up there with my ex-husband.

The weather has been in the high 60's and low 70's lately up there but some fronts are supposed to come out of Canada over the weekend and really cool it down up there. Nights are supposed to be in the low 30's while there. Before I got "sick" when I lived there I walked around up there in shorts, tank tops and barefooted in the winter especially while grilling out. But now I sleep under electric blanket in August in NC. I am packing Hoodies and thermals for my trip and momma Shirle is putting extra quilts on my half of the air bed.

I like the idea of the RICE SOCKS those sound nice. I crochet rice pillows. Everyone seems to love them. I go really slow making them. With my eyes and the pain in my hand I can only crochet for short periods of time. But once I get them them made everyone likes them. So it seems like we all have found our different ways to make hot packs to keep warm with. If I haven't said it before thank you to all of ya'll for being my friends. I feel like I can be me on here. There are other sites and other places just in general that I just don't feel accepted. sometimes on other sites it feels like my comments or threads make people run hide. I am so thankful for all of you.