How well do you sleep?

I do sleep, but it is broken, erratic, and at unpredictable times.

My Doctors have worked with me for years with various natural and prescription solutions, and most of those, if they work at all seem to add to fatigue and add hangover type feelings!

So, how well do you sleep?

Pretty well, most of the time. On occasion, pain from leg cramps keeps me awake. Cold feet when the rest of me is too warm for more blankets is sometimes a problem.

My wife has a real problem due to my CMT. The leg jerks while I am asleep do not bother me, but wakes her up. Then there are the cold feet, cold hands, and even cold knee caps. I may have CMT, but I don't suffer from CMT. My wife suffers from CMT, even though she doesn't have it.

Reverse the genders, and the picture is accurate:

SK :

I guess I sleep preety well. The C.N.A.'s that check on us at night al say that I sleep preety good, although I do occasionally have coughing fits that make my sleep restless. A couple of years ago, my neuorologist diagnosed me as having sleep apnea, because, in a sleep study she had performed at the hospital in Shaumburg, I had fits of sleep depravation because my C.M.T. causes me to have oxygen lapses at night.

So, as a result of my C.M.T., I now have sleep Apnea, thanks god, good one, ( sarcasm, on e of my better qualities, I think anyway ).


I too have broken sleep. I don't do meds very well. I have tried meditation, guided imagery cds, tea etc.....I have missed appts because by the time I am really sleeping well, I should be getting up for an appt. I have learned not to schedule anything until afternoon.

LOL John and Jayme!

I'm the one with cold EVERYTHING, but especially hand feet and nose (Raynaud's Phenomenon) No matter what the room temp, they're like blocks of ice. So my husband sweats in his underwear, while I shiver and chatter with blankets piled on, wearing socks year round!

Oh yes, thank God for one more negative stacked on the pile of ills, huh? What would our lives be without one more health issue?

Braylin's Gramma,

I know, never before noon here either, and even then, I'm usually sleep deprived! I'm somewhere between a zombie and a vampire, I think! Look like 'em too lately! ha!

Surely we have bought our Doctors more than one Swiss Chalet!