Husband Diagnosed with CIDP December 2015

Hi Everyone,

My husband was diagnosed with CIDP the week of Christmas 2015. We live in NY. He was receiving IVIG every three weeks but last month his neuro noticed his condition was getting worse so changed it to ever two weeks in 2 day increments.

Is it common for this disease to get worse before it gets better?

Is it common for his feet to be EXTREMELY swollen, to the point he can't get his shoes on? If so, what can we do to help that?

What can I do as his wife to help through all of this?


Hi Tia. Sorry to hear about your husband. I too am a wife to a husband living with cidp. My husband was diagnosed in 2010. It’s to my knowledge of this disease that every single patient is different. If you’re lucky enough to find a ivig treatment that helps good for you. The only treatment I can applauded would be predisone. With the downside of side effects. Don’t get me wrong ivig helped but only for a few days. He does his best to walk but it is a struggle. His hands are now affected and feeding himself is a chore. Good luck with everything. It sure takes a lot of patience and understanding. It’s one of the most mysterious diseases I’ve ever studied.