I just talked to our JC!

He has been moved to another shelter, but is safe. He said no one has been allowed back on the Island, and many are not sure if they even have a home left. He's been there about 10 years, knows and loves everyone.

Mentioned that on top of the hurricane, they were just hit with snow by a Noreaster, and they have started gas rationing.

He said there was a lot of walking involved, and children, so he is adjusting to that and enjoying the kids! He has also taken Ben;s Friends live!

I did not know what to do to help him, so I gave to the Red Cross, as they are the ones caring for him!

I have a temporary number for him if you would like to give him a quick call. Keep in mind he gets up early, goes to bed early! He said I coule post it!


JC called me this morning, FEMA helped get him into a hotel room on the shore. He said he feels comfortable and secure and is ready to "do his own thing". He has decided to stay on the shore, as it is him home, so he is willing to wait for the clean up.

I will keep in touch with him without crowding him and post when I have news!