I made something for all of you

I created this blog for people with Neuropathies. I have one myself and recently set sail on the journey of healing. I believe in healing and that we can heal from anything. I draw my inspiration from people who have healed from Cancer, neuropathies and many other "incurable" ailments.

Peace Love and Power to us All

Kelsea Jeanne Button


so cool on the blog!


Great info on your blog! Do you eat a certain way? Or follow a certain diet? I know Frank Sherwood is doing a study on a very low daily saturated fat diet to help with TN pain, but suggests a lot of packaged food. I have been trying to eat very naturally lately, with the operative word being "trying" to get a lot of toxins out of my body. I hope to determine some food items that trigger longer pain attacks. I am wondering if you've seen anything regarding CMT on this? Just curious since you seem to be doing some research. I haven't really been able to find anything.

Thanks - Debbie

What have you discovered Debbie? Have you felt the change in diet helps?

Hey guys! Wow thank you! Sometime its hard for me to log in here, or I forget. Debbie do you study natural healing too? and thanks Scott for the kudos. As far as diet goes (I eat natural foods) and the only restrictive diet I've been on is when I am getting rid of Candida. Candida is the worst ever ever and we will all feel so much better once it's gone!

much love and by the way find me on facebook too! love, k

my pleasure Kelsea. My profile on Facebook is: http://www.facebook.com/scottgableorn - please friend me :slight_smile:

Scott - I have found a couple of things. When I eat like crud all of the time, I feel worse. I also know that pasta seems to trigger some larger pain episodes. I just am slowly getting there but I do believe it takes the "edge" off.

Kelsea - I went to school and graduated from a Holistic Massage School. I learned so many wonderful things there. I need to put more of it into practice in my daily life. So because of this blog, I am going to get my things out and do it. I am truly a nerd (LOL). My career was in Information Technology working on Accounting systems. HAHA. That school really opened up another part of me. I will share some of what I find with you. A lot of breathing exercises so many are done sitting down.

Cool story Debbie. I’m a finance nerd too, but really enjoy yoga.