If there's one hole in the ground, I'll find it!

I thought about you guys today when I was out in the yard with my grandson. I hit a hole, twisted my ankle, went down on my knees, then my wrists! Yes, I too gave the ground a hug today! Gonna be sore tomorrow!

So hopefully I took the fall and everyone else stayed on their feet today!

Oh Dear! I can feel that fall. I haven't been outside much lately except to go to the store. I have such a hard time walking in grassy areas because I am so afraid of falling. I want to spend time at the park this summer with my grandson. Maybe I will just "crawl" on my hands and knees and make a game out it. Nah.....these old knees couldn't handle that either. Anyway, I will say a prayer that you heal fast and are not in so much pain.

Oh, it's already bad, I cannot lay down! I guess if I have to, I can call my DC this week, as I feel like I knocked my body out of alignment, if if was ever in alignment! ha!

At least I made it down to see my grandson help my husband burn (with a portable torch)bag worms out of our one crab apple tree. We have one with pink blossoms, that gets deep burgundy crab apples, no worms in that one, but they were all over the white blooming one with the light gala looking crab apples! We discovered them while picking flowers! Pap had him even lift him up in the tractor bucket to get some on the high branches! This will be the hot topic at school on Monday, believe me!

BTW, that lilac did bloom! Hubs did not kill it! My grandson wanted to pick flowers for my mom, so we got a few purple and white lilacs, bleeding heart, magnolia, pink crab apple. They are beautiful!

Jayme, the needles are coming out in the eastern Redwood, it's magnificent!

I too have thought of just crawling, or rolling! ha!

Oh so glad you got the lilacs. I hoping we see some soon now that it is finally warming up. Enjoyed reading about the crab apple tree adventure. Have a good rest of the day. I am going to my son's for an early Mother's Day supper. He and his daughter (14yrs old) will be in Kentucky next weekend for the national Archery tournaments,

The bad news is that it looks like this harsh winter killed every butterfly bush in the front yard hedge. We are going to give them a couple more weeks, and if they don't show signs of life, then I think we may plant purple and white lilacs! They are huge, so it will be an undertaking! So glad we have the John Deere, they are huge bushes!

We have about 12 flowering bushes that look DEAD! Instead of global warming, I think we're having global freezing!

Hope you have a very pleasant day with your family! We're doing it all the first of June, I'm having my mom an 82nd birthday/mother's day party, I'm keeping it small though, can't do the big events anymore!

Oh yes, there's always some kind of an adventure going on here! If those big bushes have to come out, that will be the next one!

Now there's a sport, archery takes such strength,concentration, and focus! Before I was ill, I was very strong and capable, and still could not draw my son's bow! We have friends who have won tournaments, he was career Army, they never had children, and got involved in this sport and really excelled!

If they're competing, I'll wish them well!