Immune boosters

what is the effect of immune boosters when you have cidp and fibromyalgia. is it a good thing to drink or not


thank you cause my susters is telling me if i use immune boosters i wouldnt be so sick. shows what they know and i tried to explane cidp to them but seems they dont understand.

this is making it easier to explain

DazedandConfused said:

Hey, Kraai.

Well, I'm no rocket surgeon, but since your immune system is attacking your nervous system (myelin sheath of your nerves) in CIDP, then boosting it, in theory, would increase the amount of damage your body is doing to itself.

That's why they give IVIg to CIDP suppress the immune system and replace the Ig with that of other donors who do not have our personal antibodies which attack our own myelin sheathing and nerves.

If it were me, I wouldn't try to boost the very part of your body which is damaging your nervous system.

Don't know about the fibro aspect, but if you are confirmed CIDP, I'd ask your doctor and he/she may give you a better explanation.

Be well!