I want to start by thanking anyone who has welcomed me to this site. I am so glad to finally have access to people who truly understand what living with this debilitating disease is like. Though I was just diagnosed with this in 2012, I have been battling the symptoms on and off since 2003 though throughout the years my auto immune disease has been labeled many different but similarly related auto immune disorders. I believe there is hope but it comes with knowledge and awareness. I also believe that we as patients know our body and what feels normal and abnormal better than any doctor and if you don’t get the answers or treatment that help you, unfortunately, need to fight until you get the help you deserve. Additionally, (based on my experiences) I suggest if you have seen a doctor for your symptoms and do not feel the urgency to treat you in a timely manner, only to save yourself time and aggravation, see a psychiatrist to eliminate conversion disorder as many doctors who cannot find the cause of your symptoms will delay treatment and will you lump you in as mental disorder. With this disorder/disease time is your enemy. The longer it takes for you to get treatment the more your body degrades and the longer it takes for your body to bounce back from treatment.

Good advice, Kelly. Thank you for posting!

Good points, Kelly Su. How are you feeling?