Hello friends. I have learned a great deal about the effects of GBS (Guillain Barre Syndrome) from my friend Jim. He has been battling GBS and its aftermath for years. The battle continues today.

Jim has many lingering effects from GBS; He must use a wheelchair, his voice box is damaged from the trache tube and his eyes remained impaired. There are other issues that still haunt Jim, but these things did not spark the idea of the book. The book notion came about because of Jim's spiritual revival.

He had always believed in The Lord, but the "presence" he felt while entombed inside himself demonstrated God's grace in a powerful way. Jim saw an angel and yet he continues to suffer.

Jim has told me on many occasions; "I knew He (God) wanted my attention. I just wish He would have gotten it some other way." We don't know about God's plans and why we suffer, but it helps to share our experiences. The sharing allows us to explore the elements and know we are not alone.

You can learn about Jim and our book on the Facebook page; Faith, Angels and Overcoming GBS. The Jim McKinley story.

Over the coming weeks I will attempt to provide an outline of the knowledge gained via Jim's GBS experience.