Is it all from the GBS?

My GBS started in early July 2014, it was caught early and I was diagnosed and treated by day 8 of the symptoms presenting themselves. Symptoms were most evident in my arms and hands, I'm getting better steadily. In October my hands began trembling a lot, the neuro said this peripheral tremor is not related to GBS. I've been taking beta-blockers for it and they are barely noticeable now. In January I took a bad spill on the ice, fractured my wrist, chipped a tooth, split open my lip. I also hurt my shoulder real bad, x-rays didn't show anything so I was told its related to the GBS and to build up my arm muscles. This thing has been killing me for months and I assumed it was the "burn" so many mention on these pages. Now I think I tore the rotator cuff, all these months blaming the GBS! Now I'm doing the rotator cuff exercises and its improved remarkably. Did I fall because of the GBS, are my tremors related or something else? I know you guys don't have all these answers, but don't you worry its all a misdiagnosis and could (god forbid) be something even worse? After I fell my primary gave me a shove during an exam, and I'm sure he was looking to see if I might have Parkinson. It certainly could be worse. How can we possibly know what's still related to the GBS and what's something all together different?

I am right there with you. Since my case was so mild it leaves doubt in my head. I had all the tingling and numbness. Half my face went numb. At my worse I had trouble walking. That only lasted a few days. Now I am left with pain in my legs. Mostly the right leg. Muscle twicthes in my calves and random other places around my body. So like you I am wondering if I was diagnosed correctly with GBS. My next nerve study is not until August so I have to wait until then to check my legs. Its hard not knowing for sure. Hang in there.