Is there a certain kind of vehicle that makes your life easier?

Car riding is difficult for me because of SI joint damage and lumbar spinal stenosis. My husband took me car shopping after my Chiropractor told him that I could no longer use a clutch, and it would be better to get in and out of a car, rather than my 4WD truck. (I loved the truck as it meant no more digging the car out of snow)

The car I chose, was for many reasons, it was not too high or too low to the ground (a crossover), the passenger seat also had electric controls, the seats were actually comfortable, independent racing suspension (smoothest ride), and 5 of the 6 bucket seats could sit up or fold down, hatch back. The only thing I don't like about a hatch back is that there is not a trunk for storage, so things get scattered about!

Is there a vehicle that is best for you?

I have a Chrysler Pacifica, unfortunately Chrysler no longer makes them, but Dodge has a crossover very similar to it.