Is there a favorite gadget that makes household tasks easier?

Here is one of mine, though I have a much more basic one, it still does the trick ! It's especially good for under beds or a quick clean up!

They are always on Amazon and ebay for sale.

What are your favorite ones?

I am not sure of the "technical name" but I can't live without my "grabber". I have a hard time reaching up and also picking stuff up on the that would be my favorite at the moment

I also like my graber (they called it a reacher in the rehab clinic) and sometimes a pair of tongs is a better choice.

Oh yes, I've had one of those for years to reach things on the top shelves in my kitchen! They're a great invention!

Tongs, never thought of those, Dave!

Those wonderful huge kitchen shears that double as a bottle opener! (My children cringe if I reach for a sharp knife while in the kitchen hahaha)

My 'reacher' is my 6' 5" son :)

LOL Gerald!

Some days I cringe when I reach for a sharp knife too! Days like today that are cold and windy, with low barometric pressure!

Yes, that's the very best kind of reacher!