Is there any other treatment for CIDP other than IVIG

Scott, I have a question... Do you know if there is any other treatment for CIDP other than IVIG infusion?

Dr is sending hubby back to work on the 15th of April. We are going to talk to our attorney on Monday. Unreal.

Thanks Carol

Carol~ IVIG works so well for so many people, that it really threw my neuro for a loop when I didn’t respond to it at all. What did work was Plasma exchanges. I had a series of seven,every other day. followed by prednisone and cellcept for immune suppression.
It’s worth asking about since some of us just don’t respond to IVIG.

Thank you very Jeff, David has had 8 IVIG infusion and it does not seem to be working but our Neurology wants to keep him on this as he says it take a long time we have to be patient with this. I will ask him about the Plasma infusion.