Is this a common thing in Guillain-barre syndrome?

Hi all,

I have a friend who has Guillain-barre syndrome and am trying to learn more about this syndrome.

Last week, my friend said to me she always find it hard to laugh out loud. She said it feels like if her body doesn't let her to do so, but she told me she can cry. She hasn't got any problem with her voice, she can talk and have a good decent conversation with you. This frustrates her, which this also makes me kinda upset as I wish I could help her in some way.

So I tried to look on the internet to see if there's any scientific reasons for it, but unfortunately, I couldn't find anything. So I wonder if anyone here may know why or heard of this before? Any advice/info would be much appreciated.

p.s. I am not sure if this is related to motor responses in the nerves?

Many Thanks

Hi...I feel this will be a temporary condition. It is very sad to have lost normalcy in you physical abilities...similar to those left paralyzed I'm sure. The good news is, the condition is temporary, but the residuals linger on for some, a lifetime. This is not fun...but it will get better every day.

I don't know about laughing, I think I laugh about as much as before. But I cry now at the drop of a hat. It's weird and embarrassing.

I have had GBS for 2 1/2 years and still have a problem laughing out loud. I also find it a struggle to cough and blow my nose. I have such lack of muscle control with the rest of my body that those problems are the least of my concerns.

I cry at everything! But, I’m lucky enough to laugh, too. My GBS is now CIDP.

Hi Jacqui here,

My GBS is also now CIDP. The pain is horrendous. Also had this terrible pounding around the heart, but my heart is perfect. This is the first sign of the slightest improvement in 14 months. Starts in the waist, legs, calves, knees and under the feet. The left side is worse. Was on Cymbalta and Lyrica - Side effects of both these drugs drove me crazy. Cant take pain killers as i come out in such an itchy rash from them. Now been prescribed Lamotrigine and Leximil and am loathe to try these as i am so drug sensitive and dread the side effects but i know i have to have something as i cannot function normally with this pain. Am going to a homeopath to see what he can offer. Does anybody out there have the same pain as i do and if so, what are you taking for this? Can laugh and cry but notice my voice is not the same as it used to be.

This GBS sucks!! Was such a healthy fit person before this.

I feel for you all. My daughter who is 8 chokes on food like spaghetti but seems to be able to laugh. I can not imagine what frustrations you must face on a daily basis.

I have found that I have great difficulty in forming my mouth into an "O" now, so singing in church or holding my mouth in that position is painful. My mouth will actually start twitching.....but I have recuperated almost 100% since onset of GBS in Sept. I have pushed myself daily and will continue to do so. Hope your friend will laugh again one day, it's essential to healing.

Well if GBS did not left any damage in your body, medicine will leave some after effects. In the70s the only medicine I have was penicillin, so now I am allergic to.

Thank you for all the reply, appreciated everyone's thoughts and fact, I will show this to my friend next time when I see her to let her know she's not alone out there! I hope all of you keep good health for the future!

Keep that positive spirit up!!

Take Care :)