Itching fingers


Suddenly today all four fingers of my right hand are itching, but from the inside. i cannot scratch them, cannot relieve the sympton :( Heat or cold doesn't bring any relief either.

anyone ever had similar and if so, Please how the heck did you get relief from it?

it's driving me nutso!

i am only on prednisolone, no IVIG atm.

Many thanks !

I will have a search n see if I can source them in the UK where I am. Although your cream does remind me of something called dragons powder, or similar, that again had had hot peppers ground up into some kind of paste.

in my toes I get that burning cold and I swear that I squirm my toes in my sleep! In my kitchen I have worn through a vert thick rug And the top layer of floor tiles with my constant squirming, oh and 3 pairs of thermal boots! LoL


Many thanks for the links :) and no probs re where i' live, its all too easy to assume folk are in the same country, i do it often myself :)

just very pleased that you not only took the time to look them up, but then looked them up again ik the UK!

I am reluctant to counter productive discussion on this site but everyone should be aware that individuals are all different and what works for one might well be very toxic, even fatal, for another and that applies particularly to any form of over the counter item and particularly where someone is already on some form of prescribed medication.

The only over the counter items anyone should contemplate, particularly if on a prescribed medication, are those they have discussed with their doctor (get a second expert opinion - not the internet - if you must). A very simple example, one you might recognise, is ethanol - you know - the stuff that is in beer, wine, etc - makes you drunk. Mixed with certain medications it has some less than desirable outcomes, not necessarily death.... but other mixes, in particular where the person is already frail, can go there.

Bottom line - don't stop giving or not take ideas (support and ideas is what we are about), but always remember to apply that caution (giving or taking ideas) to discuss with your doctor where any medication (even non prescribed over the counter medication) is suggested.

Michael Start - yes I always double check with my doctor before trying anything out, hes likely sick of the sight of me as a resukt! :D

but thanks for the advise, well meant and helpful


I will give that a try next time it occurs, thanks !