Itching, red, leathery skin

Hi I have a problem with itching, red and dry and leathery skin on my ankles and feet. They only itch in the evenings and make it almost intolerable to touch anything. My doctor said to try over the counter Benadryl cream. I did and for a few weeks my feet did not itch. Now when the itching starts, I use the cream and am good to go for another couple of weeks. I get my IVIG every week so I cant tell if it is the fact that I am using IVIG OR the fact that something was in the donator's blood at the time they gave their blood. I just know I get relief from using the cream Ethel

Years ago when I was in the hospital being treated for a blood infection my feet and legs swelled up. The Dr did a blood test and said I had congestive heart failure. A team of experts was sent into my room. They gave me a ream of paperwork and told me how I would have to live the rest of my life. I was so I’ll from so many other conditions that I tossed the papers and ignored the diagnosis. My feet and legs never swelled again until a few months prior to being diagnosed with with cidp in 2013. I had a history of chronic kidney and liver disease. When they swelled this time I actually watched tiny little red veins appear under my skin. Because drs. haven’t determined cause of swelling yet I live with two “reddish socks” that itch sometimes. I think they have something to do with circulation problems. I have always itched with deep vein issues in my feet. Maybe try Gold Bond cream or get some high quality essential oils of lavender and geranium. We’ll do it…we’ll get through it…being better for it. It really helps me to try to help someone else in some way and take my mind off me when I can. But boy! Those red socks on my legs’ feet’s…those are really something!!