It's so hard to say "no"!

I've learned to say no to many things and many people, but the most difficult ones to decline are my grand kids! I have always kept my heart and home open to them, but just couldn't do it this time!

Can't really put my finger on one thing, just feel wiped out, everything aches. Guess it's just one of those chronic illness things, autoimmune things...the high grass pollen isn't helping either!

We have been having the grand kids down to help with projects, which is good for all of us, we pay them for their efforts, and we get help with things we can no longer do ourselves, BUT I still need to shop, prepare food, help with the teething baby, and keep check on the 4 year old, especially when he's quiet or out of sight. The list goes on...

They think that as long as I'm not contagious it's okay to come, but I had to put the brakes on it this time!

Anyone else have such a difficult time saying no?

It is hard to say No to my grandson who is 4. when he comes over and wants to go out back to feed the ducks by the lake. Some days I can go with my walker or walking stick. But, there are times I just can't do it, no matter how "even" the ground is, It breaks my heart because he loves when I play with him. None of the other adults in his life have time. He loves when we can go outside and have a grass fight, blow bubbles and feed the ducks. And when I go to his house he wants me to swing with him. I do my best to walk across the yard to the swing set. Uneven ground is scarey as we all know. His sad face just rips at my heart.

Ah gramma,

It's a heartbreaker, isn't it? I know that you are a fantastic grandmother, and though you may not always be able to do what your grand kids want you to do, I know they love to be near you!

As much as my great grandson likes to go outside and run, he also loves to paint, so I always have the Crayola paints, printer paper and/or construction paper, stickers, and washable markers that I keep on top of the refrigerator for him! I also have a rug we bought for my grandson that has roads on it, and it just fits perfectly on my dining room table, so I throw that down the steps, and set it up, get out the little cars and his Thomas the train stuff sometimes when going out is just not possible, but you still need the ENERGY to do it!

Guilt sucks! I have it, but don't want it!

I baby sit my 3 yr old ggrand-daughter 2 days a week and she is not a hard child to keep, but when she leaves I, not able to do anything else.

Hi Martha,

Another wonderful grandmother you are! I'm glad that we are not letting illness take away the joys of being a grandmother! It's one of the things that keep us going. That said, even the easy children are busy, and require much of us, sometimes just getting up and being present is exhausting!

Hats off to all of the chronically ill parents and grandparents who are still present!

Thanks Sk.