I've been away for a while, an update

I just wanted to give all members an update.

It does get easier, just hang on in there and persevere even when you feel low.

I still recommend trying to go to the gym at lease once a week to move and flex your body in the fitness areas and pool. In my case at times it was a struggle to make it. You must persist, but please be careful not to hurt yourself.

Watch what you eat and drink, in particular take away foods and alcohol. At least daily have a good quality protein drink.

I got GBS in January 2015 and released from hospital in February 2015. I persevered and I am now able to walk without a frame or stick. I am also now playing golf again (albeit at about 85% capacity) and managed to walk my course for the first time last week.

I wonder if anybody has had the same symptoms as me. At present my hands/fingers are still not gripping 100%, they feel a bit 'frozen up' I can clench my fist but there is a bit of resistance. They are also shaking a little. At the weekend it got a bit chilly and I was unable to grip my golf club correctly, due to my 'frozen fingers'. (typical British weather).

Secondly I can walk but when going up stairs it feels like the bottom of my spine is being 'crushed' giving a bit of pain, nothing serious, but it impedes me.

I would appreciate from anybody any information on the above 2 points or feel free to contact me for more information.

But all, keep going.

mdolich, thanks for your reply.

Keep at it mate.

Hi Lez,

I got this therapy putty along with its to strengthen the hands. I will post the exc. tomorrow.

Regarding the second you need to check with your doctor or pt.

All the best,

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Alya, thanks, I will check this out.


Hand exc. 1
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Hand exc. 2
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Hi ,

I hope you find the exc. helpful. I still use them.

All the best.


Les said:

Alya, thanks, I will check this out.


Hi Les! Moderation is key. I did what you did when I started to feel better. I just want you to be careful especially with balance. Your body will hit a peak of its natural way of curing itself. After, you hit a plateau and this is when you take it easy. I live in a busy city so once I was off the wheelchair…I went running full speed ahead…not by best decision. I should have taken better care of myself.

You and i Seem to be on the same time line. I figure I should be ready for where you are now around Nov or so having been diagnosed in early April. I have training 4 days a week and believe me it give results!

My motto is Persistence Positivity and Patience. Self pity will get you nowhere and I’m sure with your score card you’ll agree with me there. I was talking to a pro football trainer here in Denmark and when he was playing for Celtic 20 years ago he got GBH but got back onto the pitch again. He still gets the tingling fingers when it gets cold.