IVIG and Acute Kidney Failure

Needing info. My last two treatments of IVIG has caused Acute Kidney Failure. The treatment was infused over a three day period and my creatine levels went to 3.2. Anybody else having trouble?

No. I've been getting IVIG treatments for almost a year now and last visit they checked my kidney and it was ok. I get my treatment every 6 weeks for two days.

I too have had kidney problems when I went through IVIG treatments , however mine couldn't be considered failure, but more of complications , after about eight treatments in , I wound up with a severe UTI that caused a kidney stone ,which caused sepsis and I wound up in the hospital for five days unconscious, they had to insert a drain tube into my kidney , had to have a catheter for a month, than surgery to remove the stone , it was touch and go for a while , at one point they wanted to put a feeding tube in me for lack of nutrition while I was unconscious , seen neurologist and he thought the treatments were done to aggressively so they have been discontinued, sadly to say because they seemed to be helping , keep the faith and hang in there

Thanks for the info and the encouragement! Not sure I will take another treatment. My father died of kidney failure or complications from it. This is a path that I would rather not travel.