IVIG in Israel

I’m new to this forum and would appreciate any suggestions.
My 21 year old daughter is moving to Israel. She has Immunodeficiency as well as Small Fiber Neuropathy. We are keeping our Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage, but we understand that she would be well served to have additional coverage in Israel. There are many plans though and I’d love to hear from someone getting IVIG treatments in Israel as to which plan is best?

Freedam, I responded to you on the other thread, as did another member.

I’m wondering if you’d be better off asking these people. (Click on the blue.) Or perhaps try this organization.

Seenie from ModSupport

Following this subject, I’m in Israel. Was recommended for IVIG a few years ago and passed on it. My disease HX has been very slow progression, so I’m slowly getting worse and want to stay informed.

Thanks you so much! Yes, the Shira Pransky Project seems to really know what they are doing and I was in touch in them. They are getting more information for me.

We are not sure of the progression of our daughter’s illness, however, she has many Neurological symptoms which are the most troubling and since she is 21 we are hopeful that the IVIG will help. I’m sorry, perhaps it is because I am new to this forum, but I’m not familiar with the term HX. Wishing you a refuah shelaimah (a complete recovery).

Hi HX is simply medical shorthand for History. Thank you for the wishes for a Refuah Shlema and I pray the same for your daughter. There is an excelent Neurology department at Hadassah Ein Kerem. I’ve been up there a few times. Dr. Marc Gotkine is the top ALS expert in the country and he was who took care of me. I saw him on Sharap (private pay) a few times and my Kupa picked up 80% of the cost. The rest of the time I see a neurologist that is fully covered under my kupa with no out of pocket expense. Here is Dr. Gotkine’s link in case you want the reference. http://www.hadassah-med.com/doctors/dr-gotkine-marc.aspx

I’m sorry, I really thought I answered! Dr. Gotkine would apparently be a great doctor for her, but since she’s already diagnosed, it is not necessary to see him. I have been in touch with Dr. Ben Hur.
I still have so many questions about which Health Insurance to sign her up for. But the Shira Pransky advocate isn’t available to talk until Sunday.

Finding an Israeli doctor who treats Small Nerve Neuropathy with IVIG is apparently harder than we thought. Any ideas of a doctor who does?