Ivig in the uk & CSF 0.21

Hi I’ve recently undergone a lumbar puncture and the only result I got was a CSF protein of 0.21 does anyone know what thus means?
Also I’ve just been told I’m having a three month trial of ivig, I’m 6/7years down the rd and this is the 1st proactive treatment I’m to undergo, what should I do or expect? Thanks in advance!

Hi, 0.21 is the low limit of normal. Since it is normal, I cannot tell what this means. Some times even normal measurements can be bad if the physician considers other factors. I am not an expert and cannot really tell you much beyond that.

Mine was almost within the normal limits this time. It was 49, only 4 points high, but much better than my first csf. But like Norbert that's all I can tell you.

I just had a lumbar puncture but have not received the results. I’ll keep you updated.

If I was you I would think carefully about the points, questions and information you require answers to, write them down and talk to your specialist, as everyone is different. You can also type the question into google and you will see a link to NHS direct and that might give you some answers. However, CIDP is a rare condition and still a unknown quantity. Yours Mark A

Check out this website. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003428.htm

It had a good explanation of the different protein levels. My first spinal tap in January had the csf over 300. All the various levels were very high. I had a week of plasma exchange with high dosages of steroids. ReAlly didn’t see much improvement. After 6 weeks I started on IVIG for 48 hrs ever 7 weeks. I just had my 3rd treatment and am much better. I’ve gone from the wheelchair in January to just a cane. I still can’t walk up stairs, but am happy to be able to walk again. This last treatment was really the first time I haven’t been fatigued all the time. Make sure they have the drip going very slow and stay hydrated. This will help with the side effects. Good luck.

Thank you all so much for the replies! I hope you are all well today and wish you luck for the future x

I won't let them touch me if they don't use flouroscopy. Completely painless both times I've had it and no guess work for the person doing the needle work.

IVIG is intro venus immunoglobulin worldwide… but some batches are better than others reference aftereffects. A lumber puncture/spinal tap also same everywhere…except some technics are more adept than others. If we get into every detail of every procedure performed on us…it’s a shame to waste the time. But that’s Just MY opinion. Get on with the good stuff while we can…but again…that’s just my opinion. Good Luck to all who are neuro patients.