IVIG treatments...Stop the Pain

Hi, all Not sure if I am doing this correctly, but here goes........Having my first GBS Jan 30, 2014, and receiving IVIG for 5 consecutive days as I was paralyzed to my neck, came out of it and spent 38 days in rehab, and days of PT after rtng, home, thought I had recovered with exercise daily, some days extreme fatigue,, other days almost back to my normal life. I was not afflicted with pain, but weakness

May 13, 2015 I started to walk away, instantly excruciating pain/paralysis down my right leg/buttock/lower back.........5 days of IVIG, pain meds doing ok trying since mid-June to regulate oral meds for maintenance to stop full attacks GBS and regulate pain...........January 6, 2016 (2 days prior to more IVIG ) afflicted with excruciating pain when standing/walking on rt. side again........my outpatient IVIG are once per week for 6 weeks, then hoping to go to 1 per month........going for my 3rd week in the A.M., however, my pain is some days unbearable, not getting any better.......can anyone shed some light on this for me. Like most, had never heard of GBS until I was hit with it, have read, reread info and still confused. Not scheduled to go to Neuro appt until 2/1....thinking if I call will want me to go to hosp. One of my ???'s tho is the secret the consecutive doses?? In my prayers daily are for ALL GBS sufferers to be blessed with a cure..Lord, hear my prayers....P.S. My GBS was traced back to my Flu shot.(and I had been getting flu shots yearly for 24 yrs. as I am a diabetic)