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Hi will it’s been a while since I’ve been here. Still have the same problems and they are getting worse. My main issue is the fatigue and insomnia as it makes normal day to day activities very hard. The pain I can put up with during the day, it just slows me down a little sometimes. Anyway went back to the Dr yesterday and got told its just anxiety. I’ve been told to cut down on my working hours or get a house maid to help with the house work (single mum of 2 teenagers) yeah like I can afford that. I have been tested for everything from Diabetes to worms, and even vitamin D deficiency (which was a long shot as I Live in the Middle East – no lack of sun here) I am getting so frustrated and annoyed. Or maybe I am going crazy and it is all just in my head. The “pins and needles” are constant and very uncomfortable at times. Now getting sharp pains in my fingers and feet and can cramp at any time. When relaxing watching tv I will notice that my toes are all screwed up and ache but I don’t know that I’m doing that. Sometimes if I’m walking for a while I notice they do that again and just makes it very uncomfortable to walk. The Dr is applying for a nerve conduct test with my insurance company (already been rejected once) but as he said “to rule it out” and prove that its all in my head.

It sounds like your doctor has a way with words. Do your kids know what is going on with you? Hopefully, you can at least get them to help with the house work. Is there anything you can just let go with it? I finally had to realize I wasn't going to live with a perfect house any longer and if my family wanted one, they had to help more. Well, they chose not to help so I let it go. And as much as I dislike taking medication, I do take some for anxiety/depression. Did your doctor suggest this at all? I don't have CMT (I have TN) but my Dad does and I notice when he is stressed things get worse with him (like me and my neurological disorder).

Another thing he does to try to get his legs working in the morning and it seems to help with cramping is first thing in the morning he rides an exercise bike. He has had this for many many years, so has a lot of experience. I think getting the blood pumping through them can help and is worth a try. I might help with your anxiety, too? I am thinking of you! Hang in there. Debbie

I feel like there is a link between stress and my physical symptoms. I have grown up with CMT and when things aren't going well, I suffer physically as well as with sleep.. my CMT symptoms worsen when I am stressed. Stretching in the morning might help you- try some very basic yoga. I find that staying organized and on a schedule helps me... although that is a lot easier said than done!

Thanks ladies. I try to stretch a bit but normally when i do i end up getting cramp, so i have to take it very slow and know my limit. I have finally been given something that is helping me get a good nights sleep and not feeling so tired during the day. So hopefully with have more energy during the day i will be able to get out and be able to walk my dogs.
Oh Debbie my house is a only clean if really necessary - at the moment. Normally in the weekend i can catch up on it a bit, but come the end of the week it all looks like a dogs dinner. Any way i’m on holidays soon so will have all the time to get the things needed to be done, and hopefull get some exercise in to. Take care and hope you have a nice holiday season.

Oh forgot to add.

No Debbie I havnt said much to the kids, just that i have sore feet sometimes. I dont want them to worry that i'm going to be like granddad (not that that may be the case) but thats how they see him and will just think thats what will happen to me. So until i know for sure, and then i will have to have a good talk to them and explain that i may not get anything like grandad. The Dr does have me on anxiety medication - that is the one thats helping me sleep. And Lyrica.

been told by my hubby that it's all in my head... let that go girl... u sound just like me when my doc told me years ago, 'you're a smart girl shelly, take a walk.." ... like that will fix it. years ago, my doc diagnosed me with an anxiety disorder... my thoughts..."you'd be anxious too, if u had to focus on EVERY single step so u don't trip ... while having NO sleep. ps headed for my second EMG in january, the first was painful for 7 days after...they woke up nerves that had been sleeping for years. The second, i'm told, is 'more intrusive', yay.. that sounds FUN. just giving u the heads up that i didn't have. :) good luck to u and don't let ANYONE tell u how U feel. sending hugs across continents shelly

also, swim... wears u out, is good for your muscles and makes u tired enough to sleep, no matter where u are in your head. with flippers.. you'll feel the difference. ps just diagnosed 2 months ago. :)

thanks Shelly and please kick your hubby in the a$$ for me. Really they have no idea. Well I finally had the nerve test and the results showed something but the Dr is "reluctant to diagnose" and would rather do another test in 6 months and then see it there is any change. Any way i got him to give me something to help me sleep and then he is treating my "anxiety". I'm now at the stage as long as i can get sleep and something that calms me down a bit i'm sure i will feel better. If it means waiting another 6 months for them to finally see its not all in my head I will wait. As long as i can get some sleep.

Good luck for your EMG. And remember the pain is temporary (even if a few days) and will be worth it for an answer.

Hello Brenda, I have anxiety...it has taken me years to amit to it. Mostly because I am always fighting the doctors about having it....Tell them NO way this is just me being me. I just hate doctors always blaming eveyrthing on anxiety....if they don't know it ok, just say so, stop blaming it on anxiety all the time.

Well that is me....

I hear ya about raising kids by your self and plus having some illness is worse it must be for you.

I also try walking again as soon as I felt like I could do it...so all week I started walking just a little bit...but yesterday I over did it. so if you are trying to walk for the excerise please take it easy....I tell you I paid last night for over doing it by pain..pain..pain.

I go thru other things the doctors want the mdeicade here won't let me have....but the emg seem to go smothly to get....telling you or not telling you now?? I have no idea why your doctor wouldn't tell you? YOU have a right to all your medical records including tests etc. So deman it....they might charge you for it...but if they do they aren't very nice...my doctors now hand me my tests or whatever they had done to me with my next apt after telling me what they need to tell me....even if they don't know.

That is the way it should be letting you know....I would yell........hey I just learn to yell now...I don't let my doctors run over me as much.

I been waiting all year from my husband to finish making the spot for my swimming pool to be put up....he might get it finish for this summer....? haha

I can't wait when I could go to physical threapy they had a pool which I use there. I know it takes a lot off of your body to do things in the water. since right now I'm on medicade they only let me go 15 times to threapy...so that is the reason for us to put in above ground pool.

By the way I live in AZ out west we get lots of sunshine....so much I came down almost yearly now with skin cancer....you never seem to win one diease or another....I guess // it wasn't the bad cancer they just dug it out...as I find them.

Good luck I am still wondering which diease i have? I haven't had blood work or the biopcy of my nerve or spinal tap....that is why I'm being sent to Barrows Neuro hospital/clinic....I hope they can help me.

The EMG seems to tell them a lot....I was told I had severe sensory polyneuropathy....but there was more to it....and the report with it's fancy words said in my words I didn't feel both legs the peroneal (mis spell) and had some mortor thing going ? I am still confuse.

I have drop foot on my left side.

I wear slippers all the time because they feel the best on my feet....

I don't have the support thing I been written up to get one of those FBO's but haven't yet....our state doesn't let you go to a foot doctor any more mostly they refuse to pay for one here.

I think I will stop here....

Nice to meet you

Ruth Hardy

Brenda, One more thing sorry I'm long winded....but this might help you. Depends on where you live too.

First I have a developmentaly adult son...who is mulity handicap. OK for years I had him what they call here long term disability thru the state...they usually get more services...I have respect care...

But I just this past year found out that he also can get other things which they of course didn't share this with me. But thru one of his workers they told me about this other services...

So the next IEP meeting or ISP meeting....I ask for and have gotten hours.....they come into my home and only my sons space they will clean....they do what I ask them to do.....I have over 300 hours for this until march. I have to use up or loose it.

Well it is hard would you believe to find people to help....even thou they get paid from the government and there is so many people out of work...it has been a chore to find help...yup you got to do this on your own. truely hard.

Well I have an older daughter and she goes to college and works and is single mom of 2 kids....she needs income...so I ask her if she wanted to help with her brother....she use to anyway while growing up. So my daughter comes out and does the cleaning of his room, washes his clothes and teaches him how to fold his clothes...oh yeah he gets this rehab type of threapy as well...so she does that it has sept hours for that too.

Now I have to be worse off then I am in other words I can't be able to bath myself....or dress by myselt to get these services....but it may be different in different states...this is AZ.

My son is functioning only on 1/2 a brain when he was a baby to save his life they had to do brain surgery and the whole right side of his brain is dead. I have raised this son all my life....he is maybe somewhere around 4 to 7 years metally. so he needs help he also was born with Cerb. Palsey too.

Just the same check into your state about these serves....you never know what there is?

I hope this might help you....also there is this other place to check.....for rehab maybe? you never know.

I hope I could be a help for you today

Ruth hardy

Hi Brenda. I just wanted to stop by and see how things are going with you. Hugs.

Hi thanks Debbie and Ruthie for your support.

Well ive been on the anxiety medication for a few weeks now and its made a big difference. I'm sleeping better and not feeling so exausted during the day. Also the pains i was having have all gone and only get the very occasional cramp. So i guess it was because i was tence all the time that i wasn't able to relax to get quality sleep and that was also why i was having pains and cramps cos i was always tence.

So i'm feeling a lot better and hope to get back into the exercise soon (just been a bit lazy). And as i tell my family i'm just a little bit crazy.

Having this support and hearing from others that have had similar experences is great. So even tho I finally have a answer and its not the CMT, at least i know where i can come to get support. Love you all.