Just had Campylobacter Food Poisoning and

I am just looking to see if anyone has had any similar symptoms to the ones I have been experiencing. First of all the reason I have not went to the gp yet is that I am not experiencing symptoms on both sides of my body as it appears GBS sufferers do. Please let me explain…

Over 2 weeks ago I woke up with fluids symptoms - aching bones, body and severe headache. Pain relief helped and I went about my daily activities. By dinner time I began to feel nauseous and cramping began in my stomach. I had loose stools followed by sickness, then the uncontrollable shivering began. My hands and feet were so cold and I could not warm up. I was up and down to bathroom all night and this continued for the next few days. I had severe headaches and felt unwell. At first I thought this was a bug but once blood started to appear in my stools I contacted the doctor. 5 days after initial onset I was admitted to hospital for fluids and tests. I was an inpatient for a further 5 days with the same symptoms. My stool sample came back positive for campylobactor.
The day I got home was a week after I took ill. When I got home I had pains in my thighs - similar to cramp or muscle pain. I put this down to being dehydrated and took pain relief, hot baths and hot pads which helped. I am now 18 days after the Initial onset and yesterday I began to feel tingling and numbness in my right hand and arm only. I also felt dizzy on 2 occasions during the day. My sleeping has Been disturbed lately so I tried to brush it off with that but the tingling was so strange I decided to look up side effects of campylobacter and founds gbs. I was initially concerned but the stories I have read seem to have been a lot quicker than this and I have not lost feeling in my legs and the cramping did stop after a few days.

I don’t want to waste the time of our over worked healthcare professionals if this is nothing… I also don’t want to concern my family. That’s all she needs…
Has anyone had campylobacter and experienced this and if so did it turn out to be GBS??

Thoughts to all of you who have suffered this - god bless you all x you have my thoughts and prayers

Thank you for the advice! I am going to see how my symptoms are over the next day or so and contact my doctor if things do not improve. Appreciate your insight and I am hoping you keep good health for the future x
God bless