Just introducing myself

I'm 71 years old. Male. CMT likely is from my Cajun-French side of my family. I was only diagnosed 2 months ago.
First sign: beginning of drop foot. Then some nerve pain in my shin area. Then, that went away, yet the drop foot continues to get worse. I was fitted for a calf brace, and I have the shoes they recommend. Should have brace in a couple of weeks. At first, my CMT was just in my left foot, but it may be coming on eventually in my right foot. I have a long history of low back pain, not connected with CMT. That makes it difficult to stoop down to put on shoes, or even a brace. But, I guess I'll manage somehow.
No one can predict how each case progresses-- so I don't know how much sensation and muscle loss I will experience, nor how fast it might progress. I would love more information and support. I thought there would be more support groups like this online. I see very little.

Hey Rock Rollin,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I have to say my initial signs of my CMT were exactly what you described. I would walk down a hall and my right foot would "slap" the floor making a slapping sound. This gradually got worse to the point I walk with a limp. Whet to the doc and based on some family history looks like I have CMT. I have always had very high foot arches but never noticed any problems until late 40s early 50s. Thinking back, my balance seems to be the first sign..I began to notice my balance was off...just doing the cop test of walking toe-to-toe was starting to get hard...now it's basically impossible....hope I never get stopped for that test...I would fail :-) . I too joined this group to find out any suggestions on dealing with CMT as it progresses. I've started trying to walk more as I understand this may help deal with the gradual weakness in the feet and ankles. Other similarities with you are lower back pain and I have had some knee problems throughout my life. My short term goal....stay positive and "Keep On Walkin' " with a little "Wobble".

Thanks so much for sharing.
I very much appreciated reading Wulf’s post also. It all helps.

Yes, I’m a bit wobbly too nowadays.
No more standing on one leg in my yoga classes anymore. :slight_smile:
I swim a lot, do yoga, and walk a lot too.
I almost had a big fall last night walking in my own house. Drop foot caught on a rug.
I broke my fall by my arms on books on my living room coffee table.
Thank God.
Could have been a nasty fall.
I’m very afraid of falling now.

Could be disastrous.