Just remember, "work a little, rest a lot"!

It's easy enough to over do it on any day of the week, but holidays can be tricky, so please remember to take it slow, take breaks, and have a good holiday!

Wishing you health and happiness,


Good advice. :)

Good to remember. Health and Happiness to you, too. S.K.


Thanks a thousand, Phoebe!

While I was wishing, I forgot to wish you wealth! I say forget the fame, I'd rather be 'quietly rich'! ha!

Thanks!! I wish the same for you, SK!!


So, did it work, are you rich yet?

Rich in friends and good company. :)

Good answer, dancermom! I feel that way too! I've made some good friends here on CMT, hoping to make some more!

Good Morning, SK

I do feel rich, thanks to my wonderful family and friends, and for my good health --- except for the D--- CMT and arthritic joints!. Life is good and I am happy I can do as much as I do. I am sure you will be making lots more friends on CMT, you are doing a good job of keeping the discussions going.


Oh Phoebe,

I know about the D----- arthritis! We have rain on the way today, so mine is screaming at me! I'm walking like Mrs Wiggins, you know that Carol Brunett character?

And you know, that 's the key to all of it, no matter how frustrated we get at times, it's important to always be happy about what we still CAN do !

Girlfriend, I'm trying to get things rolling, but could use some help here! I dont' want this group to be all about me, this group belongs to all of you! I encourage all of you to post discussions, and surely am glad of each and every response!

Sending a hug,


I just moved from Pa to Kansas. I am sooooo tired and hurt from head to toe! Too much. I hope I recover soon. My hip,back,legs and feet are all in agony! Thanks for just letting me vent!

WHOA! That's a big undertaking, Karen! No wonder you're tired and hurting! Just take it easy, it will get there eventually! Come back and vent anytime!

BTW, I'm still resting a lot! ha!