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I wanted to ask all the members, how long does the tiredness last. Will the pain go away in time? My son has GBS. His getting better. Has home therapy and home care. He had this syndrome from Nov of last year. Feeling coming back to his body but still no feeling on hands and feet yet. He just wanted to know how long does this tiredness last. After his feeling come back will he still get tired? Just wanted to know for my son.

This is a hard question to answer. I believe many will be able to relate personal experiences, but seeing other responses it looks like there are various experiences on the recovery process that make a recovery timeline hard to predict.

I had may event in June/July 2012, I recovered quicker than most but still have periods of fatigue.

I wish a speedy recovery for your son.

I think the recovery process is very different for each person. The feeling in my arms and legs came back after 7 days of IVIG, although I still required physical therapy for months to regain my strength. That was 9 years ago and I still suffer from fatigue. When the fatigue hits, you must take a "time out" and listen to your body. I am a 33 year old mother of 2 little girls so this is hard at times, but learning to accept your limitations is part of the healing process. I experience no residual pain. Everyone is different though. I had no lasting effects other than fatigue. Other people I talk to might have physical symptoms like tingling or numbness. Others have no symptoms. My neurologist informed me that fatigue will most likely always be a residual effect for me personally. I hope your son gets better soon and tell him he is not alone! Keep fighting the fight!

Hi Charlene!

This is a difficult question to answer. From what I am observing we are all different. I was diagnosed June 04, 2012 and in hospitals/rehab until October 12, 2012. Continued out-patient rehab for 4 more months and I still do fitness therapy. I have my times of fatigue and when I do, I have learned that I just have to stop and rest. I was told by some of my medical caregivers that you have to listen to your body and rest when necessary. This will probably be an ongoing side effect of the GBS. How old is your son? I will be 73 this week and that also could attribute to some of mine. However, most days I do okay but then like I said I do have my down times. I continue to have tingling and numbness in my lower legs and feet although I am walking (like a duck or drunk). I still use a cane or my walker when out in open areas because my balance is not the best and I do not need any broken bones from a fall. I also was told that it might take years to recover or that I might have some permanent nerve damage in my feet. That is where mine started. Best of luck to your son.

Hugs & Blessings!


I had GBS 3 yrs ago at age 64. Still have periods of weakness esp after any illness or virus. I get tired very easily and have to listen to my body. I still work but have cut my hours so I don’t get so fatigued.


Well, your son has youth on his side - that is good. I think I recovered 97% per cent. I do get the "fatigue" at times - sometimes I can hardly walk to the bedroom I am so tired. That does not happen very often. I find I do not have much strength in my legs. I am 68 - but in the big picture, I do terrific. I probably could attribute the fatigue and weaker legs to my age.


Went u all talk about fatigue, what do u all mean? Does it mean u get tired or sleepy or does your muscle get tight and u can’t move.

Well, I mostly mean I get very tired and sometimes very sleepy. But at night my feet get very tight especially when I get in bed and it is harder for me to walk if I have to get up to the bathroom. For that reason, I keep my walker by the bed to help so I won't fall.

Charlene Ako said:

Went u all talk about fatigue, what do u all mean? Does it mean u get tired or sleepy or does your muscle get tight and u can't move.

When I say fatigue, for me, that means complete and utter exhaustion - feeling like I have worked a 16 hour day doing hard labor! I can move and my muscles don't get tight, but I feel exhausted like no energy, no strength, just the desire to go to bed and REST.