Lazy stomach and dizziness

Has anyone else experienced "lazy stomach" and dizziness? Also, is it normal to have a few good days and then go back to feeling weak all over? My father was diagnosed May 3, 2013, and gets very discouraged when this happens.

I have experienced what I would call poor equilibrium rather than dizziness. I also do have a few good days and then it feels like I’m going backwards. It does get discouraging. The lazy stomach concern I have not experienced. I have been fighting this syndrome for a little over a year and a half, I have faith that I will get better. Tell Dad to hang in there.

Thank you for the input. I appreciate all the info. I can get. I will tell him and best of luck to you as you recover!

Keep in mind that the nerve damage caused by GBS can (and does) affect the stomach muscles just like all the other ones. I had a gastric tube inserted into my stomach for two months, with this semi-solid mushy slurry pumped in for food. Yum! If he's only 2 months into this, tell him to sit back and get used to it -- recovery takes a while, and every case is different.

Not sure about the dizzines. I was pretty dizzy at first too, but that's fairly common when you've been lying in bed nearly motionless for weeks. If your father's comes and goes it might be something unrelated, and could perhaps be checked out by a doctor.

Feeling weak? I excercise every day, and I'm still not as strong as before "the incident" (a year ago+). You gotta measure progress by months, not days or even weeks. If he's walking around, he's doing better than many. Have patience, it's a long road back!

Thanks Lance...He isn't walking yet and they have been able to give him meds for the "lazy stomach" issue. From what I have read I think my dad is going to have to learn patience. He is, however, alot more patient and upbeat then what I would probably be. Best of luck to you!