I haven’t been able to find any info about the following problem online, and for some reason I am reticent to talk to my husband about it, and he has not seen a doctor about this problem–but here goes:
Since recovering from GBS, his libido has been extremely low. He has told me me he just isn’t interested in sex. On a rare occasion where we did have sex, he wasn’t able to climax. I don’t know what to say to him. Is low libido a common aftermath of GBS?

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Female GBS survivor here - Personally it has been a big challenge as far as fatigue goes for me and my husband. It helps a lot to try and schedule particular days that we know we are going to have sex so that I know when I will need the energy. Mornings also help the most, not right when I wake up but after I have a chance to grab a little bite and my medicine so that it helps take pain out of the way. Since it is the morning I can be well rested and enjoy our time together.

I think the biggest challenge has been regaining my libido though, after being in the hospital and going through recovery for months on end, it is like you just shut that part of yourself down. You have to work at it to kind of wake it back up. It wasn't just me either, it was my husband as well. When I was in the hospital he just kind of shut down on anything sexual. By putting ourselves on a schedule it really helped get us out of that mode. That doesn't me we have our off weeks... or months... but I think it is important to be willing to tackle the issue head on and know that you are both in it together.

Another thing to consider is low testosterone, or age playing an issue on top of the GBS residuals. The low T you can talk to a doctor about and ask them to run some tests. GBS is a huge overhaul to the system and sometimes you don't always catch things that it influenced at the time of diagnosis and somethings can have some lasting effects.

Best of luck and I hope this helps some!

Thanks for the suggestions. I hadn't thought of those things.

I agree with Lisa. After being in hospital/rehab for 4 1/2 mos. that part of our life just seems to have taken a rest. I also had to have a colostomy during that time period and that hasn't helped. Our age also has had a big part in our intimacy. We still love each other just as much if not more and we have had a few moments in the last 6 mos. My hubby has had 3 light strokes (2008 & 2009) He now has low T and really can't take any of the helps because of danger of causing another stroke. I really don't want him to even try. I'd much rather have him here with me than die from a stroke trying to make love. However, my husband still loves me, tells me how pretty I am, kisses me, holds my hand, hugs, me, etc., etc., etc. Sometimes just cuddling and being close is enough. I hope this helps a little.

Its tough - I'm so tired after a working all day that I can hardly get up the front steps when I get home - let alone feel sexy. Add to that our ages (late 50s), my SOs ED, and its really tough. We find that Saturday or Sunday mornings are the best time - we're both rested, we don't have to rush off somewhere. Its important to keep communication open and show each other affection at other times.

How long has it been since he was diagnosed? Was the GBS ascending or descending? Have you considered talking to the neurologist yourself?

I may be way off base here, but if you wouldn't mind indulging me for a few minutes. I was involved in a very serious car accident about 10 years after my initial diagnosis (actually, to the day_ 12.15). The doctors have always been amazed at how high my threshold for pain is... which I have never understood because prior to all of this happening I was a grade "A". 100% certified chicken!!! I don't think that I regained full sensation after the GBS. Please don't misunderstand what I am trying to say. I did regain feeling in my limbs and extremities, I just don't think the sensation was as vibrant and as a result has been protecting me from what I am dealing with now. I am not expressing myself very well... Can I pull the getting hit by a falling tree card here?

Anyway, if what I think is true (that our sensation is dulled from the experience of GBS), perhaps there is something the neurologist can do. Actually, I will ask my doc when I see him next week. Maybe there are some natural things he can take that will boost the nervous system without interfering with any current medications.

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Your question has been up a while but here I am today.uch of what I have to say is already posted here, but the more it's said and from different voices, the less alone you will feel.

Has my libido dropped since GBS?

Yes. Very much so. However I discovered that my testosterone level was severely low and have been using T treatment for months now. That helped a good deal.

Depression is one factor of GBS that MANY people take for granted. Depression by itself is enough to cause someone's body to lose interest in sex. Add too that the fact that almost all of the drugs that he is taking (including anti-despressents) may cause a "change in sex drive" as per the label. Also consider that he is in remarkable, horrific pain. I spoke to three different women who had GBS shortly after giving birth and they ALL said that the pain of GBS was FAR worse than that of labor and delivery, if that helps to give you a comparison.

Ask his doctor to test his T levels. Not only will this bring his libido back, but T levels STRONGLY affect the way in which his body absorbs and utilizes medications and food. It is critical for a lot of reasons.

My wife and I dovrced after I got out of the hospital with GBS so I've not needed my libido and, in fact, my loss of libido has made the post divorce period easier for me. Neither of you should be concerned or embarrassed about talking with a doctor about this. The silence makes your husband feel just as guilty about this as talking about it. So talk to him about it, even if it's just about learning about his new body. "He" is still in there. But you need to take care of yourself as well. I have watched too many marraiges destroyed as a result of chornic and severe illness, my own included. My wife refused support groups, books, discussions, therpists and now she lives alone and I live with my mother and both of our now adult daughters are emotionally scarred. Talk to him. The only reason he hasn't talked about it is because he feels tremendous guilt and the vessel in which he now lives no longer feels like it belongs to him; is a part of him.


I'm in my early 60s, 3 1/2 years after diagnosis of GBS and brain tumor. Libido for females is pretty complex.I agree with the others who say talking about it with your partner, trying new poses and timing it to work around fatigue are all important.

Personally, my muscles of my back cramp and spasm especially with being sedentary. The vagina also cramps with entry, unfortunately. Astroglide lubricant helps a bit.