Limbs falling asleep

Has anyone been bothered by limbs falling asleep. At various times my arm, leg or both at the same time will fall asleep. Always on my left side. Very strange & of course I want to blame CIDP :)

Yeah, it happens, but not often enough or severe enough to bother me. I just figured it was a by-product of the demyelination.

Both hands, sometimes the complete arm. Drives me crazy, but getting better with treatment.

it happens to me all the time, sometimes I cant even get out of bed because I've woken up with two dead arms and cant push myself up.

other times when I'm sat watching TV my right thigh will go completely numb (almost a daily occurrence sometime multiple times).

I'm completely immature as it just makes me giggle like a loon as I writhe around in bed trying to get up

Hi Everyone, I have been lurking here for a year or so. Diagnosed 2.5 years ago with CIDP. My first response will be here.

Yes Laurie! All the time, except for me it does it both sides, sometimes just legs or just arms/part of shoulder. Drives me nuts, and when I told my Neurologist about it he nodded and said "yes, CIDP does that, sorry". He says that a lot about my questions regarding this disease, has no advice for help, but at least I know I am not (completely) crazy, lol. Good luck,


I have both arms hands and legs with this pins/nedles (falling asleep) feeling. It is a continuous feeling possibly caused by CIDP or a pinched nerve or both. Also very little strength in hands and very little control of hands. Not sure if this is all due to CIDP. Started a juicing regiment last week and will see if that brings any improvement. Anyone else used juicing to deal with CIDP?

I have noticed my arms fall asleep a lot easier! And I can only sleep on my right side!

I would say GBS - CIDP related