Looking for a infusion center in Upstate NY

Every time I have an infusion, it takes a minimum of 4-5 attempts to get an IV line started. They have blamed it on my dehydration (even though I drink), sensitive skin, delicate veins etc. Others there have said they have had similar experience. They are really pushing me to get a port. Wondering if any one knows of a center that they have had a good experience. (I was in the emergency email this Spring & they told me I don't have "bad" veins & they got it the first time.

I have deep, rolling veins. An experienced IV infusion nurse should be able to find a few veins that are accessible. Some nursing staff have had to try 3 times to find a vein. Hoping you find someone with experience. Putting a warn/hot moist pack on your arm a few minutes beforehand helps find a “good” vein. I would get a port only if necessary.
Good luck,

Thanks Ron. It is frustrating to be poked several times. I will try the moist, hot packs.