Lungs infection after in ICU

Hi, my father already 3 weeks in ICU on ventilator and looks like having positive recovery.But today, doctor found he had infection in his lungs... is this a normal happen to person in ICU on ventilator? or should i be worried

It happened with me, so I think it may be common. Which is not to say you should not be concerned about it. It can be a serious problem, but it is normally treatable.

Good luck to you and your father!

Not uncommon but serious. They will treat this and they may try to get him off vent ASAP.
Best wishes to both of you.

what kind of infection does affect to him?

Do not worry doctors do their best.

Best of luck you and your father!!!

This is VERY common. Consider this: the immune system shut down; the peripheral nervous sytem shuit down, which means HALF of the automic nervous system shut down (the other have is safely in the brain) The ANS is what controls the involontary porgans and with GBS that is the lungs and the heart. i can;t tell you how many Bronchoscopies I had, nor estimate how many times a day I was suctioned. I was on a respirator for many months. Many. The anomoly in my EKG since the4n is also likely due to the ANS shut down.

I was in the hospital 2005-2006 and never once had a roomate because of the constant infections involved. No matter how clean a hostpial is and how careful the staff is, this is a place where new and mutating bacteria infect the weak constantly. Your fathers infections are extremely normal for this diseease and, in point of fact, you will notice that his lungs will remain the main force oif their attention throughout his care even after the MUST BE GENTLE Physical therapuy begains.

These Respirator Sepcialists know what they;re doing and the antibiotics will see him through.

in the meantime set up a communication system with him: the vowels across the top of the page with every other consonant under, point to a list quickly enough, so that he can ffollow your finger to a letter and then blink on the right letter. Create a method for him to tell you when you have misunderstood his soelkling. (YOU try NOT blinkinguntil someone's finger gets to tge "F" and see how easy it is to "talk." Place signs above his head bed instructing the staff what things they must ALWAYS ask. Pain Level. Do you need to be turned? Please attempt yes or no questions Do not cry in front of the patient.

three weeks is lucky. Most of us were in for a year.


I came down with pneumonia when I was intubated. I think it's normal.

I also developed Pneumonia while on the ventilator ( Nov 2012) . I was on ventilator for 5 weeks. think it is a common occurrence but even so, very serious. My prayers are with you and your father. By the way I am fine now so good luck to your dad.