Major Medical Breakthrough For Autoimmune/CIDP

Australian researchers have identified the specific cells that cause autoimmune diseases and how those cells go rogue & attack tissues.

I have had pure sensory cidp for 4 years I had ivig for a year predisone for a year 10 plasma exchanges 2 sets (4 weekly) of Rituxin then cyclophosphamide all with no difference at all and I just tried Wave Therapy (not shock wave) after one 60 minute session I felt lots of pins and needles throughout my feet legs and hands. I have been going 3 days a week now for 3 weeks and I feel my nerves are regenerating. I fill this whole time I just needed something to kick start my Schwann cells to clean up.

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Where did you find out about all these treatments?

All of my treatments have been on all the websites I researched including cyclophosphamide that Dr Richard Lewis of Ceders Sinai in LA (who is recommended by this website wrote about and prescribed for my dr in Las Vegas) the Wave Therepy I just happened to see a pamphlet about in my homeopathic dentist office. I thought I tried everything else so since this was non invasive and only $100.00 for 3 sessions for new I thought why not

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I also have pure sensory CIDP and do IVIG. I just saw your post and looked up Dr. Richard Lewis of Cedars. I don’t see anything about Wave Therapy when I Google it. What is it?

Thanks in advance.