Making friends and playing games

I've search the Internet looking for a support group, where I can not only exchange information about this disease, but get and give emotional support to people like myself. I want to make friends and also play games. Even the ones I suck at. Lol.

I have a sort of game, I would like to share. It's basically unscramble the word. Try to unscramble the word and give it's definition. Please no cheating. (That's my job.)

The word is: pyteuonrha


Ewww....that sounds like a really horrible rare disease. No clue, Sapphire!

But a games group would be a great idea. You might ask whether anybody is interested in one of those.

Well the answer is, if anyone one cares (and apparently not. Haha) : Neuropathy! Yay! Go me! This is not a very active group is it? I know how it is, life gets in the way of living, or living gets in the way of life. Take your pick.

LOL. You have a great sense of humour, Sapphire.

You're right: this is a very quiet group. Think we should get it movin' and shakin'?

That would be cool. But how to go about it... Hmm. Tricky. I'm good at pissing people off, but that's not the goal here. Right?

You got it, Sapphire, that's usually not the goal here.


I didn't think so. Just making sure. Ok.Well I'm lost, got any ideas? I'm really bored these days.

LOL – “just making sure”!!! You make me laugh

So look what I found…

These are free games, I think. Have a look and tell me what you think. If you like any of them, I will try to find you some people to play with. (And if you think the games all suck, tell me that and it will save me looking for people who want to play.) No promises …

So what’s the verdict?

My god. The teacher in you is trying to kill me. That game is hard, it requires thinking. Thinking hurts! Then there's the blood coming out the ears, the black outs. I'll give it a try anyway. Thanks a lot.

Oh yes, Sapphire, you can take the teacher out of the classroom but you can’t take the classroom out of the teacher. LOL

Don’t do them if you’re going to bust a gasket. LOL

I know right? You teachers are all the same, trying to make people know stuff. Evil. But seriously, I wish all teachers were created equal. I always did well in class when the teachers were creative or funny.

ModSupport said:

Oh yes, Sapphire, you can take the teacher out of the classroom but you can't take the classroom out of the teacher. LOL

Don't do them if you're going to bust a gasket. LOL