Medical Cannabis

My research into the potential benefits for CIDP of the plant genus cannabis continues.I have been able to produce an evidence base which proves conclusively of the benefits.In fact,anyone in Rhode Island,for example,is covered under legislation for usage.However,in the UK,and maybe whereever you are,the lawmakers are still living in caves.

It is important to remember the integrity of Bens Friends in the discussion of these matters and the law is the law.The problem is a lot of people,around the globe,including me,think the current prohibitionist policies inhibit medical usage and research and we must also recognise there are more than a few of us who are prepared to put our heads over the parapet.I have a cunning plan and the necessary human rights legislation ready,based on discrimination against a UK citizen in an EU country.If I get arrested I'll cost them a fortune to keep!

I respect Bens Friends has to be a neutral,non-political organisation.

However,in order to gain influence so that we get whatever medication we need for our condition,you do have to get political.I am not saying political in the manner of any tribal or sectarian interest or political party but ,generally,whatever politics they have,these are the people with the power so to get change you have to get their attention and develop a relationship to show we are not a bunch of libertarian stoners who never left Woodstock-not that I've got anything against anyone with CIDP who happens to be one.I must admit I still listen to Arlo Guthrie-and it's 1,2,3 what are we fighting for?-but I like Woody's a little bit better.Woody's politics and mine as pretty much the same!

If anyone wants to friend me for more information on what is the best strain for any of symptoms I can tell you no more than what has helped me.I cannot keep reading other peoples' posts without communicating what has helped me over the past few years.

Remember,I have lost 30kgs which I needed to lose,have given up smoking and alcohol,sleep uninterrupted for 8 hrs,am able to keep my codeine tolerance constant and write creatively for 6-8 hrs a day-I live in a UNESCO city of literature so I guess I am in the right place.

But more than anything else I retain a positive mental outlook.

What works for me may not work for you,may not be appropriate,but at least I am making the choice available.

It is one of those things I feel passionately about.

Take care everyone.I'll let you know when I get to meet Willie Nelson!