Medical marijauna


Mr. Esteban goes to Washington... State...

Which type of cannnabis works best for CIDP? I'm going for two weeks and will sample what I think or hear is the best strains. I am not in this adventure for the high.

When I return to Hawaii I can get a prescription from my oncologist. The problem here in Hawaii is that there are no dispensaries, so one has to hire someone to grow it or grow it yourself. Getting the exact strain is problematic.

I also have diabetes, but controlled.

Presently, I'm maxed out on Nortriptalyn and Gabapenten. I have no pain until I get out and walk or climb trees, swing from jungle vines, swim and wrestle crocodiles, beat my chest, do my Tarzan yell,etc.

If you are in Washinton, taking a form of pot for your CIDP, let me know and please provide me with the specific name of the strain, dispensary location and cost.