MMN - Give me the scoop

I went from 7 years of CIDP to being diagnosed with MMN (or so the new neuro’s think). I’d like to hear from others as to your routine and medications to deal with this MMN monster disease. I’d also like to know how you think you got MMN (no other disease please, TY).

I get 240 grams of IgG each month, have been getting this for over 8 years. I have type 1 diabetes that is under control. I take MS Contin, Oxy and OTC pain meds. I drink 10 cups of coffee each day (and night), eat well and live at middle income level. I am a widower at 69 years of age.

Esteban - There is considerable information at the below link.
Seems like Ivig is effective with MMN.
Best of luck to you.
Mike S.

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What was your diagnosis derived of Cidp 8 years ago? I was treated for cidp for 4 years without spinal or nerve biopsy, but just based on symptoms. Years later a nerve biopsy was performed at request of pain management doctor, this test confirmed CIDP. This diag upset the family, but not me because I’d always had confidence in the diagnosis.
I don’t know what your new diagnosis will effect you any differently than what it was before? Hopefully just because some doctor says you have something different, maybe it won’t change you, or your capabilities. Maybe you’ll stay the same. Peace Be With You!