Monitoring my ivig this week: doseage, rate of infusion, pre-iv meds , side effects

U9:10am and I’m in the infusion center being infused with 20gm of Gamunex-c given as a 10% solution in 200 cc. Each mL contains 100 mg protein and 15mg glycine - a necessary aminoacid. After an hour, it’s running @ 120 mL/hr. I’ll get two of these bottles and one 100mL bottle for a total of 150gm today over abour 3 1/2 - 4 hr. I’m well hydrated with Zero, coffee, and water. My only extra meds are ii tylenol and i 25mg benadryl plus a 0.5 mg Lorazepam - keeps my bp down and makes the time fly. I passed on the IV Solu-Medrol cause of the gastritis I have chronically.
10:45 Finishing 1st bottle @ 150mL/hr & @ ready 4the second 200mL bottle. No side effects at all. Bp rose a little (12mm hg).
11:30pm second bottle running @180 without side effects! BTW I’m a 79 y/o male with CIDP Dx May 2014 confirmed at Vanderbilt in TN where 1st two infusions were given. Now in my first day of the 5th session - each session is three bottles totaling 150gm. All of you who are dreading this treatment remember you could have an easy session like me but I feel I am very lucky but not a minority. Later.
12:00 I’m into the bubbles at the bottom of the second 200mL bottle. Don’t feel the IV in fact, I feel like I’m at home catching up through my iPad.
Time to drink More Zero!
12:45 Last bottle gone. Packing up for a lunch run before driving home. Back tomorrow.
12-9-14 9:45 iv in and first bottle (50gm) running smoothly. This my 13th infusion. Since switching to this center (Precision) they have hit 6/6 sticks without any pain.Almost look forward to it. My wife and I (she comes in case I can’t drive home b/c of the profound numbness which is unpredictable so she gets to pick the lunch venue. Fish maybe. Later.
While I’m getting infusions, I do an incredible amt. of research on these Dxs (diagnoses) and @ IVIg and other therapies. I seem to fit into the varient of “pure” CIDP called MADSAM or Lewis Sumner disease. What will the neuro say?
11:00 #1 bottle @120mL down to the bubbles. No problems but it is making me thirsty, craving salt, and needing to pee a lot;otherwise I’m just fine! Time to eat an apple and drink more Zero. Later
12:30 third bottle running @210mL/hr. Have had ne side effects whatsoever. Praise God! I won’t be here much longer then on to lunch with my wife who knitted a scarf while I got infused.
third bottle done- I’m done till Friday 4 45gm more.
We’re out of here for some food. Till Fri.Laugh, Think, and Cry when you need to but DON’t give up!
WOW did I get lax. I’m here on Fri as promised. Had a fair interval. Did OK. Nothing to brag about. No discernable effects of the infusion but no side effects either. On second bottle running at 180mL/hr. Bp up a little at 170/94 and makes me pee!!! Hypervolemia and hyperosmolarity too. Kidneys are working pretty hard to filter and throw out the extra plasma. Now listening to Dave Brubeck’s TAKE FIVE streamed from my iPad to my hearing devices. How cool is that for a 79 y/0? Later
Well that IV I spoke infiltrated and poured about half a bottle @10gm into my forearm without mo or antone noticing till my forearm started to feel sore. Then three sticks later, they emptied the rest of the second bottle and started on the third and last, only 5gm. Alarm just sounded. Bottle almost done. Thank goodness. Done till Jan 13, 2015!!

Glad treatment is going well for you today. I had my 48 hours of IVIG this weekend. It was the first time with the port. I think everyone should demand one the day they are diagnosed. No sticks even to do bloodwork.