More Than One Disease

Hello. I'm new to this community. I was diagnosed in February of '05. In January of '09 I was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease. My neurologists (2 of them) say I'm the only person they have heard of with both of these conditions at the same time. Does anybody know of somebody like me? I'm 54 and doing pretty well so far. Many times I don't know which disease to blame for what's happening.

Hi I’m new here as well. I don’t have a diagnosis yet. But although my Lyme test was negative, my actual lab results show I do test positive for having lyme antibodies IGG antibodies ( means long time infection) of Lyme disease. Something I never suspected, I’m seeing a Lyme specialist on thursday. because while i had the standard treatment for Lyme by my regular doctor many of my symptoms had resolved. Not all but many. I would suggest you do A LOT of research on Lyme. It can mimic a host of other ailments. I prayed for god to help me and promised I would help anyone I could to find relief. I just want people to know that bacteria are so complicated and doctors and scientists do not have all the answers. Good luck to you. Please keep us informed.