Morphine pump an CIDP pain?

Has anyone gotten morphine pump for CIDP pain. Along with my 27 diagnosis from neurologist CIDP is one of my main issues. My pain management Dr has recommended a morphine pump for pain due to me not being able to metabolize oral pain meds effectively. I have horrible pain always an I don’t want oral pain meds to destroy the few functioning organs I have. So I am getting a pain pump installed. The trial went okay but feel like I will need alot of morphine pumped thru my spinal csnsl to work. Has anyone else gotten this procedure sn does it work for You? Any peoblrms?. Sincerely, Kelly c

I got Fentanyl pump and then wore a patch for my GBS pain.

Spencer does it help more than the pain pills you were taking. My whole point of doing the pain pump was to stop taking the iPods an get better pain relief. I tried fentanyl patch I felt nothing crazy huh

Pain killers didn’t work for me, I still suffered pain. In addition to Fentanyl they gave me OxyContin but that too didn’t work. Weird that my body felt numb but I could still feel pain. Usually, numbness would mean you can’t feel anything. NOT!

How right you are Spencer! Crazy I feel numbness on the outside an horrible pain on the inside. I pray for you healing an more comfort in this crazy disease. Hugs,kelly