Mothers day memory

i am now 4 years into this crazy syndrom let me say it was the tuffest things i have ever went threw. i thought child birth was bad, ha ha just alittle humor, anyway i myself still have some heath issues. but for the most part i still get around. i love, and fishing, boating, and thank god i still can. 4 years ago i was in hospital on mothers day, and very ill. every mothers day is so sentimental to me now, cause i am usually fishing or camping that weekend, i remeber crying and wanting to leave the hospital, knowing i couldnt, this may sound crazy but i really dont remember a hole lot about that time i have some memory loss my husband ,mom,and sister tell me about it , the mothers day memory is one i have, not somthing i was told about. enough for now, everyone please stay possitive, hugs all and happy mothers day

Hi kel I really hope you were able to get outside for something fun on Mother’s Day this year! I’m not surprised you don’t remember a lot from that time, I think our brains have a funny way of “tuning out” tough times. Keep being strong :muscle: