Muscular dystrophy/cmt

Im not sure if it really matters at this point in my life(57yrs old)but I wonder if cmt is under the umbrella of M.D.

,I heard now there are studies to the contrary,anyone have insight to this?

Hi mrmustard, I just read a link on the CMT Assoc that says CMT is under the MD umbrella, and it is the most common genetic disease whic affects the prerifual nervous system of its kind. I’m on my iPhone, can’t get the link to you right now.

I also read tat a 2 year grant has been awarded to research the benefit of the amino acid sterile on CMT. It may be old news, could not find a date.

That’s sterite.

CMT ASSOCIATION and CMT fourm are using R Alpha Lipoic Acid with good results differnt brands better then others.ON FACEBOOK

AFAIK, CMT was long under the umbrella of muscular dystrophy because of the peroneal muscular atrophy associated with it. In that way, it is a muscular dystrophy. But, where true muscular dystrophy diseases are a result of muscle protein problems, CMT is actually a result (usually) of nerve protein problems (particularly myelin), CMT and thus is not technically a muscular dystrophy. I do not believe it is considered a subtype of MD any longer though, in the US, the Muscular Dystrophy Association does continue to provide resources for CMT people.